Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access live stream and restricted videos?
    You will need to have a valid TWC ID account and have an Spectrum Cable subscription with the Spectrum Sports channel. The live streams will usually appear on the home page 1hr prior to game time.
  2. I am an Spectrum Cable subscriber. How do I get a TWC ID?
    Use the following link to create your TWC ID.
  3. I am an Spectrum Cable customer with a valid TWC ID. I have Basic Service, can I access the videos?
    Currently, only those Oceanic TWC subscribers with Standard Service and above have access to the Spectrum Sports channel. Your cable subscription must include the Spectrum Sports channel in order for you to access the online videos. Call 808-643-2337 to upgrade your current service. For more information see
  4. I have Internet service only with Spectrum Cable. Can I access the videos?
    While you need Internet access to view the live stream and restricted videos, you must have Spectrum Cable Standard TV or higher.
  5. I do not live in Hawai’i. Is there any way I can access a video stream?
    For those outside Hawai’i, video streams of most Big West conference events are available at Please note that the Big West video stream is NOT available to those in Hawai’i.
  6. I live in Hawai’i, but I am not an Spectrum Cable customer. How can I access the video stream?
    In Hawai’i, the Spectrum Sports video streams are only available to Spectrum Cable subscribers with Standard Service and above. Call 808-643-2337 to find out how to become an Spectrum Cable customer.
  7. I forgot my TWC ID and/or password, what can I do?
    Go to and click on “Forgot Username?” and/or “Forgot Password?” to retrieve your information.
  8. Why am I not able to watch the live stream on my mobile device?
    At the moment, the live streams and restricted videos require a valid TWC ID. The login process uses Flash which is not supported on mobile devices.
  9. Is there a mobile app to watch the live stream or restricted videos?
    Not at this time.
  10. Is there anywhere else I can view Spectrum Sports coverage of University of Hawaii sports?
    Spectrum Cable standard TV or higher customers may go to channels 16/1016 for University of Hawaii Live and Replay events. Digital TV subscribers may also view highlights on Spectrum Sports Enhanced channels 15/1015.
  11. When I log in why do I see a black box with no video?
    This usually means that you have entered the video stream during a commercial break. No commercials are shown during live events so the video will be blank. The live stream will resume once the commercial break is over.
  12. I was able to access the videos and now I cannot. What can I do?
    This may happen from time to time, depending on the browser you use. We recommend that you turn off all ad blockers and popup blockers when trying to access the videos. Also, if you are encountering erratic behavior with your browser, you should try restarting your browser or clear the cache and cookies (see your browser’s help for instructions).